Protecting and improving member pay and conditions is core union business.  


Research demonstrates that workers with union coverage benefit from better wages and conditions and the ANMF ACT works closely with members to achieve fair and just workplaces through enterprise agreement negotiations.  


Members benefit from individualised support where required, tailored to their specific needs. We are sensitive to protect the confidentiality when dealing with individual member issues and we act only with the agreement of each individual member.  


Our ability to effectively negotiate for the recovery of thousands of dollars in underpayments for affected members is just one example of the value of ANMF ACT membership.  


We advise members on matters such as: 

* Wages and workplace entitlements 

* Your Rights at Work 

* Serious workplace matters such as misconduct and underperformance 

* Work Health and Safety matters 


Nurses, midwives and AINS have the right to be treated with fairness and respect at work and the ANMF ACT is here to protect those rights.