ANMF ACT’s professional indemnity insurance protects ANMF ACT members if you are:

  • sued for negligence or malpractice
  • sued for damages arising from a public liability claim
  • sued for defamation in connection with your work, or
  • required to give evidence at a coronial inquest.


Who does ANMF ACT professional indemnity insurance cover?

  • financial members of the ANMF ACT while undertaking their duties as employees*
  • financial members who work independently providing nursing services, as long as they are suitably qualified and practicing within their scope of practice**
  • financial members engaged in alternative or natural therapy, for example acupuncture, aromatherapy, naturopathy, massage, and reflexology (but excluding chiropractic or osteopathy)
  • financial members engaged in Good Samaritan acts, and
  • financial members needing insurance run off cover.


Policy exceptions

There are some policy exceptions where Nurses and Midwives are not covered by the ANMF ACT Branch PII policy:

  • some midwifery services
  • botox and cosmetic injectables
  • laser therapy, and
  • working for a business registered in your name.

For full details of policy exclusions please contact the ANMF ACT Branch



* Professional Indemnity Insurance is a professional requirement of national registration for Nurses and Midwives and is not intended for Assistants in Nursing who are not required to have PII.

** If you are an independent practitioner, please contact the ANMF to determine whether you are covered.